Our Services

                   WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW

We will try to resolve any computer issues as they come to us, we prioritize every service call we receive, we will do everything possible to resolve any computer issues you might have, our team is always willing to go far and beyond to fixing your problems.

                                     OUR STRATEGY

Please feel free to contact us, we fix all computer related issues both remotely and onsite as well. We have extensive knowledge on what we do as well. Please contact us for quote. The earlier we are contacted, the earlier, we will have the issues resolved. Please always remember to back up all your data!

                                    WHAT WE DO

We support SoHo (small office Home office) Rebuild brand name computers like HP, Dell, Lenovo and others. We provide Printers, hardware and software support, wired and wireless networking. Repairs can be done onsite locally here in the State of Connecticut or via remote within the United States and elsewhere around the globe.

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