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Managing the Windows 10 update.

You should be able to manage the Windows update without worrying about Windows delaying you or shutting down on you when it is being used. The screenshot below depicts how this is managed on Windows 10, but it might defer based on individual preferences. You can disable the Windows update, however this is not recommended especially if you are a home user, you can always re-enable the Windows update.

















Next you will  change the active hours, from there you can choose what time of the day you prefer for Windows update to start.











For advance users, the Windows update on Windows 10 can be disabled and re-enabled

anytime, the process is shown below. Note that by holding the Windows and the X keys  on the keyboard will show the menu below
















Click on run and type services.msc









Next you will scroll down to find the Windows update, once found double click on it and choose “disabled” as shown below.